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websites pay for uploading video

7 Sites That Pay You to Upload Videos ||Get Paid for Your Videos||

If you’ve ever spent a day messing with a camera or perhaps making an attempt to record videos on your phone, you’re in all probability at home with the fantasy of obtaining paid to create videos.

websites pay for uploading video

We all apprehend that some Youtube stars create an honest living doing what they are doing, however what if you detected that it had been potential to create cash along with your videos while not having to become an online superstar?

Here I’ll be listing ten sites that you {just} will use to show your videos into cash— just don’t expect to sell your recent family videos!


Brightcove, placed at, permits you the choice of posting your videos for purchase, or maybe for a rental, as long as you’re willing to charge their minimum of 99¢.

Brightcove is exclusive in this it offers the creator the lion’s share of the profits– a full seventieth of them!


This web site accepts original flash games, videos, and photos. you’ll truly earn up to $2000 for any of your videos that build it to the front page.

They pay via PayPal.


MetaCafe may be a web site that enables you to earn cash for your videos on a per-views basis.

Unlike YouTube, wherever you’ll create a median of $1 per one thousand views (reports on this vary,) on MetaCafe you’ll be able to create $5 per 1000!

Since MetaCafe willn’t have as massive of a website as YouTube does, they’ll truly place new videos on the front page, news-feed vogue. this can be an excellent thanks to score some views.


A website that functions equally to Revver, FlixYa pairs your videos with demographics and uses that to focus on ads.

The amount you’ll create depends on your content and the way a lot of traffic you bring, thus all uploaders aren’t created equal for FlixYa.

Another profit to mistreatment FlixYa is you’ll transfer any content that isn’t proprietary and still get paid.

Here we’ve got an internet site with some sturdy backing, because it is in hand by Amazon itself!


CustomFlix may be a website that favors freelance fimmakers and different kinds of longer video content.

The stuff they host is syndicated with Amazon unpack, a transfer service, and permits the manufacturers of the content to stay five-hundredths of the profits on sales or rentals through unpack.


While it’s true that YouTube could be a platform that favors the ‘big dogs,’ don’t doubt that it’s a viable platform withal.

YouTube partners (the United Nations agency|people that|folks that|those that|those who} get got advertisements) square measure sometimes the kind who web one or two thousand views per video, however, there are instances wherever YouTube allowed users to legitimize their microorganism videos.

Above all else, your primary advantage to victimization YouTube has a way superior platform for gaining viewers than anyplace else.


If you’re associate aspiring video-maker, or perhaps simply a layperson wanting to create some USD, you ought to seriously take into account hosting some videos on a minimum of one in all the sites listed here.

After all, you’ve got nothing to lose. however, there are masses to be gained!


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