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How to Host Someone on Twitch

How to Host Someone on Twitch || learn Everything ||

There are various ways to host someone on Twitch and tons of advantages in doing this.

How to Host Someone on Twitch

Hosting could be an in style method for Twitch streamers to broadcast another channel’s live stream to their own audience. it’s always done as the simplest way to assist promote different Twitch users however it conjointly doubles as an efficient strategy keep a channel active whereas the owner isn’t broadcasting their own content.

How to begin Hosting Another Streamer

Via Chat: to start hosting another channel, merely enter /host into your own channel’s chat followed by the target channel’s username. as an example, to host the official greeting Twitch channel, you’d enter /host greeting. The hosted channel will be modified up to a few times each 0.5 hours. to show off hosting, sort /unhost.

Twitch App: Hosting also can be activated from at intervals the iOS and robot Twitch apps by clicking on the gear icon on the chosen channel and selecting the Host choice from the computer menu.

Auto Host: the foremost common thanks to hosting a channel is to automotive vehicle host it. this can be done by adding a spread of channels to a special list that your channel can mechanically choose from once you go offline. This automotive vehicle host feature will select channels on the list willy-nilly or via their order (which will be customized).

Setting up automotive vehicle hosting is as simple as going into your Twitch Channel Settings, turning it on, and so adding as several or as few Twitch channels to your host list as you wish. Special care ought to be taken to not forget to save lots of your changes whenever you update the setting or the channels on the list.

Why you ought to Host Another Channel
Hosting another user’s stream is totally elective and isn’t needed in the least to be a lively member of the Twitch community. There area unit many reasons why hosting will be an honest plan although.

It’s a good way to indicate your audience what form of streamers you get pleasure from looking.
Hosting can give a definite degree of free promotion for your channel, however, this can depend upon the target channel’s layout (does it show the names of the hosts onscreen?) and if the streamer is that the form of person to verbally mention people who area unit hosting. usually, hosts get very little credit if any in the least for causing another channel viewers. Hosts names can perpetually seem during a special message with the target channel’s chat.
Hosting another channel will be fun thanks to finishing your own stream. several Twitch streamers manually begin hosting somebody else as presently as they finish their broadcast and sometimes encourage everybody United Nations agency has been looking them jump to the hosted channel’s chat and say hi and follow them. this can be named as “raiding” and could be a quite common apply on Twitch.
Being a number for an additional channel will keep your account conspicuously displayed at intervals the Live Hosts class of the Twitch website and apps. this will cause new users discovering your account and probably following you.
Why you mustn’t Host Another Channel
Despite the advantages of hosting, there also are a spread of reasons several select to not host different users.

When hosting another Twitch channel, any away message you’ve got designed for your channel is going to be hidden and replaced with the video of the printed being hosted. this suggests that any message {you may|you’ll|you can} have written to your regular audience will have to be compelled to be announced in different places on your profile, during a less-prominent position.
Hosted channels cannot be chosen by game or subject. solely the user. this will be a haul once one in every one of the channels you have elite to host chooses to play a game that may be a nasty match for your audience. this might be a game aimed toward older audiences once your follower’s area unit won’t to family-friendly titles or just even selecting a game from a radically completely different genre. you are basically entrusting the content of your channel to a different user once hosting and there are no thanks to management what they play.
While some streamers might appreciate you hosting their channel, a far better strategy for building your own audience will be to implement Twitch’s VOD (Video-On-Demand) feature instead. VOD works in a lot of a similar method hosting will, however, plays a recording of 1 of your previous streams. this will keep your channel active 24/7 with content created strictly by you. Users also can transfer the VOD to stay in their personal library.

How to Get alternative Twitch Streamers to Host You

Since being hosted on Twitch could be a good way to realize additional exposure, it’s price encouraging alternative streamers to host you on their channels. Here square measures the most effective ways in which to try to this.

Add a number list to your Twitch layout. By adding a dynamic list of individuals UN agency square measure hosting you to your stream, viewers are going to be inspired to host your broadcast as the way to push their own account. this could be found out terribly quickly via free services like StreamLabs.

Ask your friends. whereas asking complete strangers to host you’ll be thought-about spam, most friends would be quite willing to host your channel once they don’t seem to be streaming.

Ask your viewers. additionally to reminding viewers to follow and subscribe throughout your broadcast, create a degree of asking them to host you also. several Twitch users square measure terribly hooked into the streamers they follow and would like to support their favorites in as some ways as potential. They merely ought to be reminded of a way to do, therefore.


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